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Integration with PlugnPaid

Enable Subscription for your Academy

This document can help you understand how you can use PlugnPaid

Generate your Payment URL

  1. Login to your PlugnPaid Account

  2. Create your own Product. You can set up as recurring, one time etc. with Plugnpaid

  3. Create your 'plug' by attaching the product

  4. Generate your URL

Enable Plugnpaid in Acadle

  1. Login to your Academy URL with admin credentials

  2. Visit Admin > Integrations

  3. Choose Plugnpaid and 'Enable'

  4. Click on the settings icon to add the URL from Plugpaid

  5. Copy the URL which you need to paste under Webhooks in Plugnpaid

Send back the data to Acadle on successful payment

  1. Keep the URL you got from the Acadle integration page with you

  2. Login to PlugnPaid

  3. Visit Settings > Webhooks

  4. Add the URL to the plugnpaid (webhooks)

  5. Subscribe to events > Choose one time sale or other as per your setup

  6. Select data to include > Select all the listed items

  7. Save

That's it! 😃

You will now see the 'Subscribe' button on your Academy login page. Your users can now pay and get access to the academy automatically. Once the payment is made, the user will be automatically invited to the academy.

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Note: You need to use a payment gateway such as Paypal, Stripe etc. for accepting payment along inside PlugnPaid

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