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How to Configure Gmail SMTP with Acadle?

Gmail you access to a suite of features inclusive of email hosting. Let us find out how you can configure Gmail SMTP with Acadle with some simple steps: 


  1. Login to Google Account (, Goto Security > Click on 2-Step Verification and Enable it. 


  1. Once 2-Step verification is enabled, click on the 2-Step Verification Link, then scroll down to bottom there you will find App Passwords menu.


  2. Click on the App passwords and create one. 


  1. Login to your Academy , Go to Admin > Email Settings > SMTP. 

  1. Use the below credentials to configure your gmail SMTP with Acadle 
    driver : SMTP 
    host : 
    from email : your desired notification email address 
    from name : your desired notification name 
    port : 465 
    encryption : SSL 
    username : username / email address 
    password : app password 

  1. Fill out the SMTP credentials, enable the switch and Save the changes 


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