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How to sell courses from Academy through Stripe ?

Enable one time and recurring payments

We have recently introduced the Stripe gateway inside Acadle to sell your courses easier. You can now choose a subscription or one-time pricing based on your requirements.     

Let’s check how can you sell through Stripe   

Create a pricing plan for your grouped courses in Academy  

  • Log in to the Admin Panel in Academy   

  • Go to the pricing section and you can see a plan list.   

  • Fill in the required details- Name, description, price, groups, payment method, product ID, price ID, and payment type.   


  • Create a product on Stripe for Product ID and Price ID- Login to Stripe > Product menu > Create Product.   

  • Save the details > publish the plan   

Stripe settings  

  • Configure the stripe account by adding the Stripe key and secret - Go to Stripe > Developers menu > API > Create keys   

  • Add Webhook URL- Login to Stripe > developers > webhooks > create new webhook for checkout session completed, invoice payment succeeded, customer subscription updated.   

  • You can now make payments through Stripe   

Picture-2.pngConfiguring the pricing settings  

  • Go to admin sections > configurations  

  • You can find two options there- Enable pricing inside academy and enable pay and register 


Enable pricing inside academy- the registered user can buy more courses through unlock more courses (refer the last section of document) 


Enable pay and register – Unregistered users will get an option on the login page to buy the course and will receive access to academy via mail.  


Let’s check how can you buy through Stripe  

  • Go to the user panel > unlock more courses   

  • Select the course you want to buy > buy now   

  • Fill in the required details and submit   

  • You can see the course under courses   

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