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How to share a course with a user or view without login

Course share feature

Sharing a course (outside allowed group) to specific users

With our new feature, you can share the courses individually with users easily. You can share it with the users within the academy and externally too. Let us see how you can do it.    

How do I share courses within the academy?    

  • Go to your courses in the admin section and click on the three dots to view the options.    

  • In the dropdown options, you can see the share option.    

  • Click on "Share" and enter the email of a registered user to share the course.   

Screen 1:


Screen 2:


Allowing users to access course via public link (without login)   

  • After clicking on share, you can see a shareable link.    

  • Enable public access to the link.    

  • Copy the link and send it to anyone you want to share your course with. The user can view the course content without logging in to the academy.  


Note: The link can be edited from the landing page settings.   

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